elevated product

luxury tiny home


  • environmental sustainability (no low priced and high waste builds)
  • for the conscious investor committed to local culture
  • healthy, green products offer extra value
  • premium design and materials means value retention vs depreciations

high performance homes, wheels optional

Fall Promotion through November 15th
$249,000 $199,000



  • clean air – HRV/ERV energy efficient + filtered fresh air supply for building
  • clean water – filtered system for home water – increases placement flexibility(available water sources) and retains healthy water for the family
  • natural light – windows and open floorplan, connect with outdoors inside
  • visually clean – storage and design details promote a simple, clean and unclutered environment to live in that is more calming and less overwhelming to the senses – colors – layout- etc


alto hat sits atop a fallen tree in a Oregon forest